Interface ICloneGroup

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java.lang.Cloneable, org.eclipse.core.runtime.IAdaptable, ICloneDataElement, ICloneObject,
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public interface ICloneGroup
extends ICloneObject

Public interface for all clone group data objects.

Any implementation needs to implement ICloneGroupInterfaces. Implementing only ICloneGroup is not enough!

This interface lists all methods which are available to all CPC plugins and 3rd party contributions.

Additional methods are defined by more specific sub-interfaces which belong to individual CPC plugins and are to be considered private.
Any CPC plugin other than the one designated in the sub-interface API must not access such methods.


In order to ease the implementation of file based local storage providers as well as repository based remote store providers clone group objects are not persisted individually (clone group uuids are stored together with each clone member, nothing else is persisted).
An clone group object only contains it's uuid as a unique identifier and cached/derived counters and statistics.
A custom clone group implementation must not expect any data fields to be persisted.
This also means that ICloneObjectExtensionStatefulObjects will not be persisted.

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Field Summary
          IStatefulObject persistence class identifier, value: "clone_group"
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addExtension, clone, equals, equalsAll, getExtension, getExtensions, getUuid, hasExtensions, hashCode, isMarked, removeExtension, removeExtension, setMarked, toString
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isSealed, seal
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Field Detail


static final java.lang.String PERSISTENCE_CLASS_IDENTIFIER
IStatefulObject persistence class identifier, value: "clone_group"

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