Contains interface specifications for the CPC clone data objects.


Interface Summary
IClone Public interface for all clone data objects.
ICloneDataElement Root interface of all CPC data objects.
ICloneFile Public interface for all clone file data objects.
ICloneGroup Public interface for all clone group data objects.
ICloneObject Base interface for all CPC Data Objects.
ICloneObjectExtension Clone object extensions can be used by 3rd party modules to contribute their own data to any ICloneObject.
ICloneObjectSupport This is a super interface for all additional support interfaces/classes which are not themselves ICloneObject implementations but which are non the less part of the CPC Clone Data objects.

Class Summary
CloneDiff Clone diff objects represent modifications which were made to the content of a clone.
CompositCloneDiff Deprecated. this class is currently not in use.

Enum Summary
IClone.State Specifies the state of a clone.

Package Description

Contains interface specifications for the CPC clone data objects.

The interfaces in this package define the root of the CPC clone data elements. ICloneDataElement is the top most super-interface which encompasses all other interfaces.

Care should be taken to fully understand the interface hierarchy before providing a custom implementation of these interfaces.
Especially the interfaces within the package are important.

A default implementation is provided by the CPC Store module.
Instances which implement these interfaces can be obtained from the ICloneFactoryProvider.