Interface ICloneDataElement

All Known Subinterfaces:
IClone, ICloneFile, ICloneFileInterfaces, ICloneGroup, ICloneGroupInterfaces, ICloneInterfaces, ICloneModificationHistoryExtension, ICloneNonWsPositionExtension, ICloneObject, ICloneObjectExtension, ICloneObjectExtensionInterfaces, ICloneObjectExtensionLazyMultiStatefulObject, ICloneObjectExtensionMultiStatefulObject, ICloneObjectExtensionStatefulObject, ICloneObjectInterfaces, ICloneObjectSupport, ICreatorClone, ICreatorCloneFile, IImportCloneObjectExtension, IRemoteStoreCloneFile, IStoreCloneModificationHistoryExtension, IStoreCloneObject
All Known Implementing Classes:
CloneDiff, CompositCloneDiff

public interface ICloneDataElement

Root interface of all CPC data objects.

Each CPC data object is either one of these types:

See Also:
ICloneObject, ICloneObjectSupport, ICloneObjectExtension

Method Summary
 boolean isSealed()
          Checks whether this ICloneDataElement instance has been sealed.
 void seal()
          Seals this ICloneDataElement instance.

Method Detail


void seal()
Seals this ICloneDataElement instance.
A sealed object may not be modified in any way. Otherwise an IllegalStateException is thrown.
Sealing an already sealed object has no effect.

In order to "unseal" an ICloneDataElement, it needs to be cloned. The seal state will not be propagated to the cloned instance.


boolean isSealed()
Checks whether this ICloneDataElement instance has been sealed.

true if this instance has been sealed.