Contains the API specification for the CPC Store Provider.


Interface Summary
IDebuggableStoreProvider An extension of the IStoreProvider interface which adds a couple of integrity checking and status methods which are meant to ease debugging efforts.
IRemotableStoreProvider Extension interface for IStoreProvider which contains additional internal methods which must not be used by normal CPC modules.
IStoreProvider A local storage provider provides persistence for arbitrary clone data objects.
IStoreProviderWriteLockHook A special interface for exclusive write lock hook callbacks registered via the IStoreProvider.setWriteLockHook(IStoreProviderWriteLockHook) method.

Enum Summary
IStoreProvider.LockMode Determines the behaviour of the IStoreProvider.acquireWriteLock(LockMode) exclusive write lock.
IStoreProvider.UpdateMode Used to provide IStoreProvider.updateClone(IClone, UpdateMode) with information on the type of modification done to the given clone.

Exception Summary
StoreLockingException Thrown by the IStoreProvider if a caller violates the locking protocol.

Package Description

Contains the API specification for the CPC Store Provider.

The Store Provider is the central clone data exchange point within the CPC Framework. It provides data persistence, lookup and change notification services.