Interface IManagableEventHubRegistry

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public interface IManagableEventHubRegistry
extends IEventHubRegistry

Management extension to the IEventHubRegistry interface.

All IEventHubRegistry implementation need to implement this interface too.

Methods of this interface may only be used by the CPC Core module.

See Also:
IEventHubRegistry, DefaultEventHubRegistry

Method Summary
 void shutdown()
          Called when the event hub registry is being shut down.
Methods inherited from interface org.electrocodeogram.cpc.core.api.hub.registry.IEventHubRegistry
dispatch, subscribe, unsubscribe

Method Detail


void shutdown()
Called when the event hub registry is being shut down.
This typically only happens when the Eclipse IDE is being shutdown.

A registry implementation should not depend on a call to this method as there might be shutdown scenarios in which the CPC Core module is unable to call this method in time.